LTC Global Agency offers the widest array of senior market product solutions in the marketplace. Our specialists will work with you to find a solution that fits your goals, budget and health considerations.

Long Term Care Insurance

If protection from Long Term Care expenses is your primary concern, traditional Long Term Care insurance provides the greatest amount of LTC coverage for your premium dollar. Our specialists can help you navigate the wide variety of products and features and can tailor a solution to your needs and budget.

Retirement Protection Products

If your priority is protecting your retirement income, LTC Global Agency offers a number of asset based solutions that enable you to build your retirement income while providing a level of protection against an unexpected Long Term Care event.

Estate Planning

For clients concerned about leaving a death benefit to their loved ones, talk to us about our linked-benefit products which combine LTC benefits with traditional Life insurance.

Underwriting Concerns

If your concern is that you can not qualify for traditional Long Term Care protection either due to a recent illness or because you have been previously declined, our specialists can help you explore alternative products.

The market has evolved and more options exist to protect against Long Term Care expenses. For more information contact us.

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