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Choosing the Right Long Term Care

Long term care does not necessarily mean nursing home stays. In fact, there are different types of long term care to be considered. One can learn more by finding out the places where care can be received:

In-Home Care:

Usually involves the participation of unpaid family caregivers. Otherwise, paid care can also be provided by health aides or caregivers designated by a nursing home or care facility.

Facility-based Care:

Assisted living centers, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement facilities fall under this category. Depending on what the center caters on, LTC recipients are more likely to receive better and professional support in these places.

Community-based Care:

Adult daycare centers and transportation services fall under this category. It would be good to think of this category as “part-time” help for LTC recipients to accomplish their ADLs.

Choosing Long Term Care Options

Deciding on where to receive care all depends on the recipient’s circumstances.  Community-based care can assist individuals (especially cognitively impaired people) additional help for a short period of time in a given day. In-home care allows LTC recipients the convenience of staying home and being near their loved ones, while facility-based care will grant residents access to professional caregiver staff.