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Individuals Who Need to Purchase Coverage for LTC

For someone who pays for long term care, knowing why they need coverage can help them plan for the future. Recipients of long term care usually fall under these two groups:


Primarily for individuals who belong in the ages of 65 and above, LTC is highly suggested for a more comfortable and safer life. Aside from providing assistance for those diagnosed with aging-related diseases, access to care and support will also allow the elderly to enjoy their retirement years,

Young Individuals

LTC can still be provided for individuals under the age of 65. Common reasons why LTC is advised for this group are chronic conditions, mental health diseases, or immobility due to work-related accidents.


Paying for Long Term Care

There are several ways to pay for long term care:


Commonly misunderstood, Medicare, in fact, does not pay for LTC. This government payment assistance program will only pay for medical related tasks, such as replacement of sterile dressing.


Medicaid may pay for LTC. However, in order to be qualified for this option, individuals need to belong in the poverty line.

Long Term Care Insurance

This type of insurance is specifically designed to address long term care needs. Policies are usually customized to fit an individual’s circumstances.


Paying out-of-pocket is possible, though highly discouraged. Aside from inflation, costs for services may vary per state as well, increasing the chances of depleting an individual’s savings on a fast rate.

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