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Factors that Determine Long Term Care Insurance Rates

There are different factors that determine how much does long term care insurance cost.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

We have compiled concise and helpful long-term care insurance basics for agents and consumers to learn more about why LTCI is an essential tool for one’s life.

What is long term care insurance

What makes this insurance product different from other policies?
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Who should buy long term care insurance

Find out if you need coverage (more likely than not, you will!).
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When is the best time to buy long-term care insurance

Discover why there is a certain time to best purchase a plan.
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How to file for long-term care insurance claims

Learning what needs to be done when filing for a claim can result in less stressful moments.
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Types of long term care insurance

Find out which policy will work best for you.
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How much does long term care insurance cost

Get the LTCI you need by planning on how much you need to spend.
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Tax Advantages of long term care insurance

Learn why LTCI can be good for your tax standing.
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