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Steps to Claim your Benefits

Getting your long term care insurance claims is easy, once you have planned everything beforehand. Doing so will also prevent any stressful or frustrating situations from happening.

Check the Policy

Always review your policy before heading over to your insurer. This will save time and resources, in case you’ve missed out of any details that need to be resolved before receiving benefits.

Check Benefit Triggers

Find out when and how benefits will be given to your policy. Benefit triggers vary per person –some are due to medical conditions, others require that the policyholder shouldn’t and cannot be able to perform 2 or 3 activities of daily living (ADLs).

Know Your Elimination Period

Consider how long your policy’s elimination period is. LTCIs have waiting periods before benefits can be claimed. These periods’ length all depend on the policy holder’s decision, but typical plans follow a 90-day waiting period.

Contact Insurer and (if needed) Submit Additional Information

You can then contact your insurer after considering the points above. Insurers generally give forms for policyholders to fill out before making a claim, so make sure to have the necessary paperwork and licenses needed (in case it is required for validation in the plan).